4,000 Macbooks and a Saturday HD - Original

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4,000 Macbooks and a Saturday HD - Original

13 Aug 2013

GIVEAWAY of an UNLOCKED iPhone 4 with any iCarbons Skin of your choice if this video hits 500,000 views. Please share everywhere you can. **Please note the iPhone is being donated by @ClassyTurkey and that JBM does not own these macbooks. They are not ours to give away. As well as iCarbons is letting the winner pick any iCarbons skin to fit the iPhone. This will be done after we reach our goal** This is what happens when over $4,000,000 worth of Macbook Airs meets 10 apple junkies/Liberty Public School Technology employees in one continuos shot. During summer of 2013 over 4,000 Macbooks Airs were lined up as dominoes through a four story building measuring over .64 miles. This setup took over 18 for the full process to take place. This build was created to build excitement for the Liberty Students receiving these Macbook Airs in a transition to a 1:1 setup in the district. As well as a perfect timing with the upcoming premier of the movie Jobs. This is our tribute to the late/great Steve Jobs. Think Different. Be sure to follow @ClassyTurkey http://www.twitter.com/ClassyTurkey @JailbreakMatrix http://www.twitter.com/JailbreakMatrix http://www.JailbreakMatrix.com @iCarbonsdotcom http://www.icarbons.com