Peter Pan On Stage Marriage Proposal - original video

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Peter Pan On Stage Marriage Proposal - original video

16 Jan 2014

Second star to the right and straight on till morning. That's what Peter Pan promised his Wendy tonight at the Hydro. Fans watching Peter Pan: The Never Ending Story at the Hydro Arena were given an unexpected fairy tale ending when the show's lead, Dutch actor Sandor Stürbl proposed on stage to his co-star and girlfriend of two years, Scots actress Lilly Jane Young. Sandor, 28, halted the show's final number to say: "normally the show would end with Peter Pan giving Wendy a kiss, but tonight is not a normal show." "This is not Peter Pan giving Wendy a kiss, this is Sandor Stürbl giving the love of his life...something much, much more special." The romantic actor then stunned the 4,300-strong Hydro Crowd by getting down on one knee and popping the question to a tearful Lilly Jane, whose "Yes" raised the roof. The cast and crew of Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story wishes them a safe and happy flight together. Please visit for more information, tour dates and tickets. For press requests and further information please contact