South China seen from the sky (with Hong-Kong) - GoPro 4 Black 4K UHD

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South China seen from the sky (with Hong-Kong) - GoPro 4 Black 4K UHD

28 Nov 2014

521.000 steps, 17.000 stairs, 6 planes, 52 drone flights, 0 crash and infinite beauty, I give you "South China seen from the sky". I hope you'll enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it, If you like it, please share it. Music : Impression Lijiang - Return home For this video I choose a music that comes from a show performed at snow mountain in Lijiang in the Yunnan province of China. I hope you'll love it as much as I do, I edited it to have both the male voice and the female voice. I found the translation of the lyrics on this video I give you the lyrics in English: Here, everyday, we are enjoying, baptism of great nature, baptism of sun light, baptism of snow and mountain, baptism of water and grass, baptism of our dark skin, baptism of screaming, baptism of faithful gazes, baptism of our rough hands, baptism of our purest smiles. To this day, we stand here, we are pure, we are transparent, our eyes are pure. To this day, we find out, life is so real, so beautiful, why should we not, be thankful to life, you people (outsiders) are the same as us, far away from the noise of reinforced concrete, washed away the unease of daily troubles, breathing in pure air, never like before, isn't this the gift of nature?Isn't this the care of nature? Please cross both hands on your forehead, let your eyes gaze far away, in the direction of heaven. (and then) Open your arms, high above your head, make a wish, at this magical place. It gives you the happiness you seek, make the truest wish, follow us, through this magical gateway, store your wishes, in the incense burner filled with grains, and leave it here at lijiang of yunnan.